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"The Simmons Group, VC has a main focus on curating & investing into ‘new normal’ business models that have range and depth to change the narrative or innovate a said industry" said our founder, Norman Simmons,

Amongst our top 'new normal’ investments that have made extreme strides in business innovation and culture is an interactive approach to the beverage industry. The company created the only alkaline sports drink on the market along with an alkaline water, elite apparel and media component that allows health and wellness to become a main staple in sports. Gametime accomplished high profile partners in education striking more than thirty state High School association deals, four Division1 Conferences, including the A10 Conference and Big Sky. We've maintained an organic presence donating over $5million dollars in hydration to youth & collegiate sports since its Feb 2015 launch. 

In technology, we have developed serval apps that have become cultural structure game changers. We’ve primarily focused on rejuvenating the job market. leads with technology in the independent contractor industry. DropLoads is the most intuitive instant shipping app nationwide and has transcended the shipping industry by scaling UPS/USPS /FEDEX/Amazon when it comes to consumer shipping while helping Big Box retail companies redeem consumer loyalty with faster response time. DropLoads is the ‘grubhub’ for big box retail and local businesses who need inner city and tri-state instant shipping. is following the footsteps of DropLoads in the automotive industry with instant roadside assistance at the click of a button. Not only offering roadside assistance, MotorPool also provides minor jobs such as (but not limited to) battery, muffler, and headlight repairs at your home, business, or on the side of the road. In 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, is the first wireless Bluetooth face mask (patented) is compatible to iPhone & android in multiple designs and looks.













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